Do you use sustainable Palm Oil?

We are conscious of our environment, therefore we use sustainable Palm Oil produced according to RSPO guide lines. The palm products used are CSPO–Fully Segregated and Mass Balance Certified.

Are all your products Wheat/Gluten Free?

Here at Naturally Good we are committed to providing our customers with quality gluten/ wheat free products.

Yes, all our products are wheat & gluten free and manufactured in a dedicated gluten/wheat free environment. They are also endorsed by the Coeliac Society of Australia.

Do you use GMO free ingredients?

Naturally Good Products Pty Ltd is opposed to the introduction and use of GMO foods and ingredients.

Based on the information provided by our suppliers, all our products are manufactured using ingredients that do not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or subtances derived from GMOs as defined by ANZFA Food Standard Code 1.5.2, Food Produced using Gene Technology.

Are your products made in Australia?

Yes, our products have been proudly made in Melbourne, Australia since 1986 using local and imported ingredients.

Are any of your products Low F.O.D.M.A.P?

Yes, the following products are Low FODMAP:

  1. Munchy Muesli Cookies 160g (8x2)
  2. Brownie Chomp
  3. Vanilla Toasted
  4. Cinnamon Spice

Do you make dairy free/vegan products?

Yes, we have a range of dairy free/vegan products.

Is your products fructose friendly?

Yes, we have a range of products that are fructose friendly. (Please see product table on our website)

Does your carob contain cane sugar?

Cane sugar is not added to our carob. It is sweet due to the naturally occurring sugars in carob powder and milk sugar added (lactose).
However, our Crystallised Ginger in Carob does contain cane sugar as the ginger is preserved in sugar.

Can your packaging be recycled?

Soft Plastics - All soft plastics can be dropped off at selected Coles / Woolworth super markets who have partnered with REDcycle.

Carboard Boxes - Recycling bin

Plastic biscuit trays - Recycling bin